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Volunteering allows you to learn, and gain valuable permaculture skills while interacting with awesome people!

Our Permablitz for example: is an event where a group of volunteers come together to transform an outdoor space into an edible landscape in a day. The group is taught the permaculture principles and design elements pertinent to the job and then the hands on work begins. Both volunteers and CPRI members leave feeling sweaty, accomplished and full of new knowledge to use at home or for your neighbors and friends.

Our Main Task: Spread the word about permaculture, create a community of like minded do-gooders

and give back at the same time! 

There are a range of opportunities available through out the year, our most prominent are posted here.

If you don't see something that appeals to you get in touch with us to let us know your thoughts about how you would like to help out and what you would like to learn along the way. 


As we complete small jobs doing installations for individual homeowners, and whenever we do pro bono work at schools and institutions we look to offset our costs by allowing a few select volunteers tag along as part of our workforce. 

What do you get out of it: Typically we will be completing the work of installing a fabulous permaculture element (a banana circle, a herb spiral, a large scale composting set up, a rainwater catchment system, a garden pond...) You are there from start to finish learning the ins and outs of the installation from one of our professionals. This is valuable, hands on learning you can't get on the internet. Being part of our workforce volunteer team allows you to increase your skill base while getting a workout. 


Permablitz - One pager.jpg

We are always on the lookout for those professionals willing to offer a little assistance in their area of expertise, no matter what that is. We are a small not for profit organization and need all the assistance any regular start up business needs. Let us know how you think you may be able to help out or lend us a favor in exchange for a potted herb, a fruit tree, a course or advice on your farm or home garden design!

Heres a list of the kinds of skills we are always on the look out for:

Web, SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media

Data Managment / Analysis, Research assistance,
Event coordination, Volunteer recruitment / managment,
Report writing, Grant Writing and Sourcing,
Financial and Fundraising, Bookkeeping, 

Permaculture Educators, Curriculum development, 

Freelance business services, Administrative assistance, 

Photography, Videography

or just plain old giving your time to complete tasks as assigned...

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